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A limited number of rooms are available at the Sheraton Lake Como Hotel, conference venue. In order to reserve at the Sheraton, please download and send the following form:


Reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis.

Lake Como structures offer tourists a variety of accommodation to meet all needs: from luxurious 5 star hotels, hosting international events and a discerning clientele, to the most popular 3 and 4 star hotels that still ensure high quality. 1 and 2 star hotels also combine quality stays with value for money

Non-hotel structures are a great alternative for tourists, with well-equipped lakeside campsites and, for those who like more fashionable solutions, B&Bs and farm accommodation on Lake Como offer a select, modern alternative

There are also residences, holiday villas and apartments, holiday villages and rooms to rent offering interesting possibilities. For those who enjoy casual, active holidays there are youth hostels and numerous Alpine refuges that not only offer special accommodation but breathtaking locations and views.

Thanks to its geographical position, Lake Como  developed a diverse and profound culture, which in every epoch has made the most of wisdom gained from contact with a great variety of populations, thereby stimulating the creation of many fascinating works of art.
The lake, together with its network of ancient Roman roads such as the Antica Strada Regina and  the Sentiero del Viandante (the Wayfarer’s Trail), overlooked by towers and castles, was the route  for trade and exchange of culture between Como and the area north of the Alps.

Villa del Balbianello-minThe Lake Como area has a great variety of landscapes dotted with settlements and towns that are a testimony of human creativity: splendid villas immersed in centuries-old parks, architectural examples of extraordinary artistic and religious value,archaeological findings and ancient settlements,  fortifications and castles. Historic and cultural treasures are kept in a variety of museums.
You can also follow themed itineraries dedicated to famous people, such as Alessandro Manzoni and Alessandro Volta, who brought recognition to this area, or itineraries in order to visit the villas and its gardens, the Romanesque churches or the rationalist architecture. In the following pages you will find descriptions on all the sites that can be visited in every town (see Towns or site seeing under the menu territory).